Property in Belize is not only a good investment, when you’re guided by experienced and ethical professionals, real estate transactions are also quite easy for both buyers and sellers.

Belize is renowned as one of the friendliest countries in Central America for real estate, and one of the few in the world where foreigners enjoy the same rights as nationals in land ownership and tenure. Because English is the country’s official language, property prices are generally quoted in U.S. dollars, and contracts, titles, and other documents will be in English.

The economy in Belize is solid. Property values are especially stable, and have grown at a steady rate for several decades. Property taxes are relatively low in Belize, and there are no capital gains or inheritance taxes. The country also boasts one of the region’s more liberal retirement programs, the Retired Person’s Incentive Program. Under its terms, foreign citizens who meet a few basic requirements can import their possessions duty free and gain special residence status.

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